"I can't believe the depth of this game, My husband and I were talking about how we could have won the game if we had made different choices early in the game"!

L. Hesse   Salt Lake City. Utah

"I ordered 10 games to give out as gifts for Christmas. The Life Card board game is a game that you can play 10 times and win ten different ways, I strongly recommend this game". 

J. Marsh  Salt Lake City, Utah

"I knew Joe had a lot going on in that head of his, but this is the cake.  He is definatly on to something huge. The board game community will explode when they get wind of this game, I love it!"

M. Traylor  Louisville,  Kentucky

" I don't really like board games, but after I played this game I am a fan. Well, a fan of The Life Card board game, I lost my first game by $10,000 on a bad investment! Crazy, That's life, or shall I say the the Life Card!

J. Carter Ames, Iowa

"People say that board games are fading away, I strongly disagree, This game is an example of the need for more family interaction, I was surpirsed at how much fun I had while facing real life issues in this game, This is the modern day Monopoly."

C. Cannon  Seattle, Washington

?I am a counselor for "at risk" youth, and I am so excited to play this game with my students.  I was a part of the 50th testing group and my instructions were to be extremely critical of this game.  I tried really hard to be as negative as I could, and the only thing I came up with is this should be a eight player game instead of a four player game.  I am so excited for this game to hit the market.  It?s a winner!?

B. Hall  Pocatello, Idaho

"I am the ultimate skeptic, I had reservations about this game, but now, I want to play this game with all of my family and friends.  If you like board games or even if you don?t like board games you should try this game. You will not regret it!?

N. Green  Louisville, Kentucky

The Life Card is the most relavent game that I have seen in years!  In a world of electronics and video gaming, this game will capture the interest of young people from all socio-economic conditions.  I encourage everyone to purchase this game.

M. Wilson Atlanta, Georgia

This is an absoulute MUST!  Joe Henderson is brilliant, what a concept and fun game.  I encourage anyone who enjoys educational fun board games to play this game!

T. Larson - Little Rock, Arkansas

I played game expecting it to be a long drawn out game, but the 2 hours went by so fast and I was just getting the hang of it.  It is like no other game that I have played.  I can play this game twenty times and it will be twenty different ways to win! Thanks for bring the fun back into board gaming!

P.  Graetic  Portland Oregon

Hi, I absolutely hate board games; I only played this game as a favor for my boy friend.  After the first 20 minutes I was all in, it was so much fun and I would defiantly recommend this game to anyone who enjoys family fun and interaction.  I am not a board game fan, but I am a Life Card board game fan!

Kiana - San Francisco, Calif

Hey guys, I have known Joe for a long time and I have always appreciated his ability to train a diverse population with great success, and his athletic ability, So when he asked me to critique his board game I thought it was a game about training or football.  This game is about life and he has hit a home run.  I ordered 10 games because it is so educational and fun.  He continues to amaze me.  Everyone should have this game in his or her home.


Jeff ? Chicago, Illinois

It is hard to believe that I enjoyed this game so much.  The Life Card Board game is a winner,  I played the game from the North side, and I had a great time, I did not win, but it was fun!  I ordered a game for each one of my four siblings.  

M. Lacy Detroit, Michigan

OMG, This is the bomb, hey, everyone is going to love this game,  My family have been waiting for a game to capture us for a long, long time and this is it.  The big game board companies better stand and take notice because "The Life Card" is a hit!


T. Brunnetti  Tampa Bay, Florida

Winners from Bridging The Gap youth program in Louisville, Kentucky after a summer of life lessons and The Life Card board game contest!