The game layout!

The game has four sides of town. North, which is the high income side. East and West which are the medium income sides. And, South which is the low income side.  The Life Cards for each side of town reflect the issues relative to that socioeconomic class.


Each player may choose how to play to win. There are investment opportunities, education, real estate, public lottery, and there is even an illegal element to the game.  Players must choose wisely because if they do not, there are plenty of cards that will hold them accountable.

Winning the Game!

Buying a business

When a player decides to buy a business there are a couple of cool things about The Life Card that makes buying a business fun.

First, when a player lands on a business and cannot purchase the business, that player must pay the required visitation fee.

The money is attached to the business and when that business is sold, all money collected from the visitation will be a part of the business.

Second, A player cannot purchase a professional business without earning a degree in the field. 

Winning the game is simple. The player with the most assets at the end will win!

The game ends when all of the property has been purchased or a predetermined time length is set.  Now, if your family is like mine, we always play with a set of "house" rules!