My name is Joe Henderson. I am the creator of the Life Card. This board game has been a labor of love for board games stemming back to my early childhood. I loved playing board games with my family. And, boy would we have some battles. Games could take days! Although it was fun, I noticed early on that I could not really relate to these games in a real life way. There was not much that represented my life experiences.   I created this game to introduce a fun family game that gives each player an opportunity to relate to different socioeconomic issues that are a part of our living conditions.

I grew up on the south side of Chicago.  I have seen a lot of the good, the bad and the ugly that life presents to us all.  One thing that I figured out, is life is just life, there is no good life or bad life, there is just life and we must make the best of our lives with the time we have. Like many people, I have been subjected predjudices and discriminations.  I chose to use those events as a stepping stone to my growth and development.


I grew up dreaming of playing professional football, I vowed to be the next Walter Payton, huge shoes to fill by a skinny little fellow with asthma, but despite my asthma and reading disorder, I manage to take the cards that life has dealt me and make the best of it.  I earned a higher education, played in the National Football League (NFL) and I am a proud father husband and business owner.  Although I did not fill the shoes of the great Walter Payton, I managed to transition to a different socio-economic side of life. 

The Life Card board game will allow players to choose their path in the game.  Choices that will undoubtedly effect the outcome of the game.  Each choice made by a player will determine if that player will win.  Players may choose to invest, go to school, buy real estate or participate in illegal activities.  Each choice is shadowed by consequences. Does this game sound like life? Well, if you add a little luck or misfortune you have my game and the idea is spot on.

The struggles and challenges that occur on the lower end of the socio-economic side of life does not mean that those conditions are permanent, you decide your fate, choices that you make are the choices that will define your journey through your life.

Through all of the trials of my life I have always believed in my self, struggling through school thinking that I may have a learning disability only to find out that I am challenged with Dyslexia. Now, I have the tools to effectively manage the situation.